Craft It Up!

The Eid Mini Case step by step craft tutorial is a beautiful way for children to revive the Sunnah of gift giving. 

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The WORLD'S FIRST MUSLIM CRAFT BOOK dedicated to help your child's creativity flourish!

Craft it Up encourages creativity with your child based on Islamic values, in a non-directive approach.

Get ready to make LEARNING INTERESTING & FUN while crafting together using materials found in your own home! 

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"Whether you’re a parent or a teacher at a local Islamic school, this book is chock-full of creative and hassle-free ideas to get your kids using their imaginations positively to give gifts & charity and do simple good deeds."

-Asmaa Hussein {Ruqaya's Bookshelf}


Over 40+ crafts using recyclable and reusable materials - most likely found at home. 


Ideal for ages 6+, however, young children can learn fine motor skills and more! Craft skills required is easy to intermediate.


Introduces basic Islamic concepts which can be discussed further while crafting.


Encourages and supports family bonding! It's about making memories together!

"The crafts are a great way to facilitate discussion and engage with children about meaningful Islamic topics. I can already imagine all the discussions that will be started and all the questions that will be asked. "

-Faazia Osman {Modest Munchies}

Craft while you watch!!

"It can be a family affair with parents, aunts and siblings coming together to create. I purchased this book for myself because many activities are great reminders for adults too... "

-Hajar Hussein

"The layout is very inviting, even for the non-crafting parent who may be struggling to harness their child’s creative streak. I was impressed with all the options available including sections on tips for parents about upcycling, craft tools and other useful tips. There are also sections on basic sewing and basic cooking. So you can go into this book with a blank slate, and it’ll tell how to start from. The. Very. Beginning. You. Don’t. Need. To. Know. ANYTHING!"

-Omaira {Ramadan Ready Ideas and for Eid Too}

Meet the Makers

Zayneb Abdullatif & Sidqie Djunaedi

Zayneb and Sidqie, founders of, are both passionate about faith, children and creativity. Zayneb, a Nurse turned creative entrepreneur also writes for Little Explorers Magazine. While Sidqie, who works in the Oil & Gas field, utilises his photography skills in all their projects. They thrive on helping others grow to reach their full potential. When they're both away from the studio you can find them exploring Australia’s beautiful scenery and spending time with family. 

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"Totally amazing book, lot's of briliant craft ideas to implement with my little daugther. One of our favs is making dry clay, it's not only about making decorations but it's part of sensory activity for young kid. Love the simple instruction and clear images. Wish you will produce another muslim craft book in the future."


Ramadan Special NOW only $20!